How to make delicious meatballs part 1

Who is not familiar with this one food? Meatballs or Bakso are very well-known and favored by all people in the country of Indonesia.

Yes, his name is Bakso, according to its history, this food originated from the bamboo curtain country or the country of China and spread to several countries including Indonesia.

Today, many innovations by culinary activists, especially meatballs, are by innovating both the appearance and also by combining with other food ingredients such as cheese, mushrooms, chilies, and others.

The area that is quite famous as a producer of meatballs is the city of Wonogiri, the city of Solo and the city of Malang. Typical solo city and wonogiri city meatballs are not usually used fried dumplings and boiled dumplings, while for Malang city meatballs, use the dumplings as their trademark.

In terms of the main ingredients of making the most commonly used meatballs is beef. However, nowadays there are many meatball productions with the main ingredients are fish meat and chicken meat.

The following is the appearance of meatballs that have been served complete with noodles and sauce.

By most fans of meatball cuisine, in addition to delicious meatballs, the components of meatball sauce are also very attractive for eating meatballs. Fresh and clear broth using spices with spices from the country such as pepper, garlic, and shallots will add to the pleasure of eating this food.

In this paper, we will focus on making meatball typical of the city of Wonogiri which has clear and fresh gravy with the main ingredient is beef. The main key to the taste of a meatball is the quality of the meat. If the quality of the meat is good and the manufacturing process is correct, delicious meatballs will be formed, but if the meat quality is not good even though it is processed correctly, the results will be less satisfactory.

Then how do you choose the quality of meat that is good for making meatballs? Are you curious how to make delicious and delicious meatballs? Look forward to our writing later.

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