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File: 1572670061789.png (275.76 KB, 640x640, d755be30a6317977dbf4518d6d….png)


new imageboard. no javascript. superior to all others.
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I never found tor slow, I often end up streaming movies and shit over tor because I simply forget to turn it off. I've never used the official tor browser, so maybe that is your issue?


nano faggot was melted and cryed like a whiny butthurt little bitch


I know for fact that you were molested by bullies when you was little helpless kid



>molested by bullies
tf is this fujo fanfic


Do I need to write their names?


>do i need to write their names

File: 1573568616039.jpg (80.39 KB, 760x760, rabbit204.jpg)


Why you guys keep seeking for new board and there are someone try to make new image board ?

Why you can't live together in 1 image board ? like 8chan for example .
you will never find great image board in your dream because things that make image board great is not CSS or PPH but it's quality of users also BO.

and in my opinion Quality of users are more importance than BO
with the decline of birth rate around the world and entering aging society . number of users always decrease and hard to increase like it was before .
and yet you have space chan / 8channel / dragon chan / etc. with 0PPH and low quality posters . so what is the point to create/seek new image board anymore ?


Why are you a gay furry tripfag?


please leave internet


File: 1573614936884.jpg (189.33 KB, 900x600, rabbit60.jpg)

I don't know . why people are gay
or being furry or both
I find male is purer than female.
almost all religion agree with me
and animal are purer than human
I seek for purity of soul. or maybe because mt mother abandon me since I was a kid


File: 1573622076870.png (3.67 MB, 1824x1026, literally me and my friend….png)

So, what class do you guys use?

File: 1573525431771.jpg (1.25 MB, 2560x1600, 1572403171224-0.jpg)


What's up dragon bros? Pls don't fugg my homestead up.
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File: 1573536142230.png (56.06 KB, 260x294, we's hungry nigger.png)

I love the bears just chilling on the periphery.


File: 1573538018881.png (2.15 MB, 1400x788, literally my house.png)

Shit house, pleb.


must've scared the owner because he left his tea to get cold
is that edith finch?


>sign on the front door that says "ABSOLUTELY NO FATTIES"


>shit house
>posts this rickety looking rat trap

File: 1572388132362-0.jpg (1.74 MB, 2550x1425, 360825_e2Ges9.jpg)

File: 1572388132362-1.jpg (1.32 MB, 2550x1425, 360826_qXY9Z0.jpg)

File: 1572388132362-2.jpg (2.07 MB, 2550x1425, 360830_Sfna75.jpg)


Official game of Dragonchan.
Yes it's some Ren'Py shite but you're a dragon & you get to go around dragoning your bad dragon into innocent maidens & shit. It's also voiced.

If you don't care about Fag95Zone links then there's also mac & android versions too.
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==imagine== being this npcasul


>Christ, he remembered & used a meme line from like 3 years ago
>lookit this NPC
THIS was the sole post on Dragonchan in practically a week.


/pol/ boogeyman is indeed ancient


But in this case is accurate.
/pol/ is where the whole "porn is a kike psyop/do nofap to increase your test & fight the kikes" shit originated from in the first, whether that's where you picked it up or not.


so you do like old memes then? make up ur mind!

File: 1573537980340.jpg (375.3 KB, 936x844, filho do presidente da arg….jpg)


Here is undeniable proof that Argentina is white and Brasil isn't.

File: 1573252957843.png (121.48 KB, 600x418, duck13.png)


Dice rollRolled 5


File: 1572548935107.png (28.33 KB, 500x500, wyrmquest8.png)


You fly above the trail which you believe leads to the tower where your potential mate is being held. Whipping through the sky with the wind passing over your scales coupled with the bright afternoon sun beating on your thin back makes you feel like an alpha. Not that you would know what that was like really, as you've grown up without any other wyrm around you. You have very faint memories of a parent of some kind who hatched you and fed you until you could survive on your own.

You shove your unclear memories away, focusing on what lays ahead. It's hard to make out due to the trees surrounding obscuring it, but you see…

>Ruins of a human town, it looks like it was attacked by a great dragon once upon a time.

>A great pillar etched with strange runes. There's a demi-human of some sort kneeling in prayer.
>A sparkling watering hole where woodland creatures gather to drink. You can smell something else lurking within the depths.
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Realizing although some of my fellow spawn whose eggs were left too cold might have retarded ideas, I decide it would be tempting fate and Bistoken by getting too near a huntress looking for a meal. The gold is so shiny, though. I hide and wait until I hear her move far away, then fly down and grab it.


i vote we kill this cuck >>1046 them rape her




File: 1573146461287.png (35.79 KB, 500x500, wyrmquest10.png)

You bide your time and wait until the woman is out of earshot. Swooping down and out of the tree, you snatch up the coins that she left at the altar pillar, and then trail behind her.

>+5 Gold!

The huntress knocks her bow, and waits. Not before long she notices something disturbing the nearby brush, and fires her arrow. There's a squeal, and some whimpering, and the creature dies.

You watch closely as the huntress moves over to her kill. She clears away the bushes to find a boar, but something is wrong…

>The boar has large snake-like fangs oozing with venom

>The boar has no fur, tough scales have grown in its place
>The boar exhales its dying breath, a puff of flame escapes from the creatures maw


I don't care, go back to looking for a mate. We should had continue that instead of looking at this whore in fact, lets hope Chad wasn't faster than us.

File: 1573158230748.jpg (209.14 KB, 1920x2560, wizard draw.jpg)


Kobolts have Int 10
Juveline red dragons have 14
Fox's cunning spell increases int by 4
Charm animals makes it my slave
Same class(draconic), kingdom(reptile), int(14). That's 5+2+2=9= permanent duration for PAO
PAO will extend the duration of fox's cunning and charm (permanent)

I just turned some kobolt into a fucking red dragon which is loyal to me (until someone casts dispel, them he turns into kobolt).
Is there any item or permanent spell that gives immunity to dispelling? Asking for myself

File: 1573066294901.png (70.66 KB, 1400x916, logo.png)


Electric boogaloo.


heck off fed


File: 1573102603964.png (63.42 KB, 300x100, sezban.png)

we are a totally wholesome site and have no affiliation the the federal government


Funny thing is that many of anons have posted here stuffs from 8 channel (libra guys), I have made only one post in that thread ans suddenly everyone stopped with their fun time. Man, I still have enjoyable moments in killing core of the thread. Many of users take everything very serious.

File: 1572797244796.jpg (85.41 KB, 898x628, IMG_20190909_205406.jpg)


Post anime pictures that are related to middle eastern "terrorist" organizations like the PLO or Hezbollah especially.
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>be white
>go to place
>place is destroyed by jews
<it's your fault for being white

You know, I have NEVER seem an anti complain about shotacons. Strange coincidence, it is.


>strange coincidence
because every horny 10 year old wants to be molested by his mothers hot as fuck friend and coom insider her cunt


Some boys legit want to be topped by men. I've seen it time and time again.


File: 1572982250375.gif (8.03 MB, 575x515, perfect boobs.gif)



Why not both?

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