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Official game of Dragonchan.
Yes it's some Ren'Py shite but you're a dragon & you get to go around dragoning your bad dragon into innocent maidens & shit. It's also voiced.

If you don't care about Fag95Zone links then there's also mac & android versions too.


I could not resist the nostalgia/deja vu urge of making this thread again.


thanks for that, didn't know about it


Interesting, I'll check this later.


May I rape her?


I don't know, may you?


>/v/ermin cancer
>gaymer shit
>interactive eletric jew
>visual soy



File: 1572543370195.png (52.7 KB, 960x759, kc video games based.png)


File: 1572694951731-0.jpg (14.22 KB, 412x278, Ah you are motherfucker.jpg)

File: 1572694951731-1.jpg (154.94 KB, 853x1280, Laura Belanova6.jpg)



>t. newcancer

Go back to stream, soysucker


>visual novel

The only one I've ever played was Unteralterbach, and I never finished it. I don't think I'm autistic enough for these things.


They're really only good for fapping/edging with 99% of the time.
I've 'played' a couple that were more heavy on the 'novel' side of it though, and while they had pretty decent writing, they're still just clickfests largely.
Unteralterbach was one of the better ones imo, so if you couldn't really into that, then it's probably not going to be your thing. Which is fine & valid.


I love the eternal efforts to get us to do literally anything. It's never going to work, /pol/. We no longer care about jack fucking shit.
We're mainly on these because it was always too late for us, Sergei.


==imagine== being this npcasul


>Christ, he remembered & used a meme line from like 3 years ago
>lookit this NPC
THIS was the sole post on Dragonchan in practically a week.


/pol/ boogeyman is indeed ancient


But in this case is accurate.
/pol/ is where the whole "porn is a kike psyop/do nofap to increase your test & fight the kikes" shit originated from in the first, whether that's where you picked it up or not.


so you do like old memes then? make up ur mind!

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