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File: 1572548935107.png (28.33 KB, 500x500, wyrmquest8.png)


You fly above the trail which you believe leads to the tower where your potential mate is being held. Whipping through the sky with the wind passing over your scales coupled with the bright afternoon sun beating on your thin back makes you feel like an alpha. Not that you would know what that was like really, as you've grown up without any other wyrm around you. You have very faint memories of a parent of some kind who hatched you and fed you until you could survive on your own.

You shove your unclear memories away, focusing on what lays ahead. It's hard to make out due to the trees surrounding obscuring it, but you see…

>Ruins of a human town, it looks like it was attacked by a great dragon once upon a time.

>A great pillar etched with strange runes. There's a demi-human of some sort kneeling in prayer.
>A sparkling watering hole where woodland creatures gather to drink. You can smell something else lurking within the depths.


Spy on the praying humanoid.


>listen to the mating call to pinpoint it's location
if she stopped singing
>keep going to the tower

Reminder we got a Sword.


File: 1572552091708-0.png (48.67 KB, 500x500, wyrmquest9.png)

You hide yourself in a nearby tree within earshot. The person praying is wearing a brown hooded wool robe, and is speaking common. A shoddily made bow and quill of arrows is slung on her back. A knife is tucked neatly in a sheathe on her belt. From this person's soft and high-picthed voice you can assume that it is a female. "Bistoken, master of the forests and wild animals, I pray you bless my hunt. Please grant me one of your beasts to feed my family." She places a handful of gold coins beside the pillar, and stands up to move deeper into the woods.
You anons decided to bury/hide the sword somewhere because it hindered your flying abilities.


> female

Steal her knife them rape her.


I'm gonna shill more today so more people will participate in this OC quest which it deserves.


Don't attract subhumans.




Snuggle her and attempt to crawl inside her underpants.


Dice rollRolled 4

follow girl




Realizing although some of my fellow spawn whose eggs were left too cold might have retarded ideas, I decide it would be tempting fate and Bistoken by getting too near a huntress looking for a meal. The gold is so shiny, though. I hide and wait until I hear her move far away, then fly down and grab it.


i vote we kill this cuck >>1046 them rape her




File: 1573146461287.png (35.79 KB, 500x500, wyrmquest10.png)

You bide your time and wait until the woman is out of earshot. Swooping down and out of the tree, you snatch up the coins that she left at the altar pillar, and then trail behind her.

>+5 Gold!

The huntress knocks her bow, and waits. Not before long she notices something disturbing the nearby brush, and fires her arrow. There's a squeal, and some whimpering, and the creature dies.

You watch closely as the huntress moves over to her kill. She clears away the bushes to find a boar, but something is wrong…

>The boar has large snake-like fangs oozing with venom

>The boar has no fur, tough scales have grown in its place
>The boar exhales its dying breath, a puff of flame escapes from the creatures maw


I don't care, go back to looking for a mate. We should had continue that instead of looking at this whore in fact, lets hope Chad wasn't faster than us.

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