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I haven't been here for a few days. When were the pedo threads deleted? What is your reasoning for reneging?
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add nigger theme

bo add dark theme and make it standard. or ill kill
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My New Home

>cucked by cuckchan in '08
>the top /b2/ shitposter in my 8chan days
>kicked off of spacechan for calling the BO a faggot over his shitty moderation of tranny cancer
>8channel taken down a day after I settled in
Hello thereeeeeee, DragonChan! I stand before you as a pariah - a man without a home. I pray that we will share a splendid future. Warm Greetings! I bring gifts…
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May I be so bold as to ask which PHP version you are using here on this server?
I have been thinking of using NPFchan for a specific private, circlejerk image board but I keep hearing that PHP v7+ causes a bunch of compatibilty issues.
The idea of using some PHP version that is beyond EOL bothers me.

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Only took a few months to bring this site eh now
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Does the dice function work here? if so, what is the command? If not, can you implement it?
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Can we make boards?
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Use this board for any site-related issues (questions, requests, et cetera).
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Music general

Music thread! There's always one of those cancerous things. Remember to always ban the autist who makes them, along with any "doomers" (redditors).
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Why did you tool so fucking long you faggot?
And were where we regarding that Wyrm Quest?
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Please tell analfaggotman to fuck off. I know you don't want to be a rule cuck, but seriously everyone agrees he is awful. He shits every board he goes to with his moral faggotry and invades every thread with insufferable pixedust. For the good of the board please tell him to away or ban him.
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not spam, stop stopping me
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Do you plan to bring back the onion service?